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Keep The Candle Burning

This is going to be a strange blog for me. There’s going to be no waxing lyrical, no hyperbole and certainly no exaggeration. For once I’m just going to tell it like it is.

If I have any followers here they’ll know all about the band Recovery who have now quietly disbanded. However Jonny Skinner and Gav Ramsay are still making music together and have recently formed a new band – The Omega Era – and I’m looking forward to seeing them when the time comes. However this is not what has been occupying Jonny Skinner’s time recently.

Have a look at The story is there and there’s little reason for me to repeat it here. There are also some things that it’s impossible for a childless man such as myself to fully empathise with, although that said I became an Uncle last year and even that has altered my outlook more than I thought it ever could.

Skinner was one of the first to commit himself to the campaign and his song, Keep The Candle Burning, has been in the works for some time. This Monday it arrived on Itunes following a launch night at The Den in Harrogate that I was unable to attend. Capitals are now used for emphasis IT COSTS 79p WHICH IS NOTHING REALLY AND IT’S FOR A GREAT CAUSE – PLEASE BUY IT.

But it is a terrific song. I must admit that I wasn’t bowled over by the demo version that’s been circling but with a bit of production it sounds fantastic and, let’s face it, there isn’t a lot of passion in music these days. Here there’s nothing but.

I believe that Gav Ramsay plays on the record which makes it a de facto Recovery/ Omega Era single. I also think it’s Jonny’s first recorded work since Revolv’s EP which was a hell of a long time ago.

A great song can still change the world. At the very least it can give people hope and raise funds aplenty. Please check it out. Hopefully there’s going to be a lot more activity around Thea’s Trust and I’ll do my best to keep you updated.

Keep the Candle Burning - Single, Jonathan Skinner