Nothing But Thieves/ Darlia – The Wardrobe Leeds 24.2.2015

This particular gig began a trilogy of gigs for me on successive nights in Leeds (I’m a bit late with the write ups). The two that follow are by relatively established artists but this one was about chasing that fabled thing they call the future of rock.

It’s a well worn routine now. At the start of each year the media publish lists of their `hopes` for the twelve months ahead and the readers scurry to check out those who seem most likely to appeal to them. In 2015 it might well be that there is too much media and too many bands competing for not enough column inches. Certainly I find it hard to keep up these days.

Nothing But Thieves were the band I set out to see even if they were only the support act (a local band called Vitamin opened the show) having read about them in Q recently and enjoyed some of their stuff on youtube, particularly the haunting Graveyard Whistling. They appear to have quite a bit going for them, not least a singer who can actually sing and songs that might actually take a few listens to fully appreciate (remember when music used to grow on you – too few people do these days).

I hadn’t heard of Darlia until I bought the tickets which proves my earlier point about too many bands. It was obvious straight away that pairing with them with Nothing But Thieves was a clever move. While Nothing But Thieves take their lead from the more progressive elements of indie and pop punk Darlia’s sound falls firmly in the twin traditions of glam and grunge – BUT both bands speak a similar language. It’s clear that Darlia have picked up a frenzied following; I didn’t go in the moshpit myself but I was tempted.

There’s nothing madly original about Darlia but I suspect they’re not trying to be. This is rock music as a God somewhere intended, played loud and willing to raise two fingers if necessary. More to the point Darlia have some fine songs hiding behind the fuzz and attitude.

So for me; another night and another gig in search of the band who might change the world or who, at least, might change my life. Nothing But Thieves and Darlia aren’t there yet but for either band I’d say that a lot is possible.


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